Welcome to the STC Blog!

Welcome to the STC Blog!

Welcome to the STC Blog!

Dear Reader,
So far, in 2016, I have had several eye-opening experiences which I am sharing in the first several posts of this our new blog. They will be through the lens of systems thinking and learning. I hope you will feel free to share your thoughts, and your questions. I am also open to ideas about other blog topics.

I also sometimes have more personal musing which I may also jinĀ up the courage to share here. The category for these more frivolous posts is Personal, so you can continue to keep your distance to just hear more serious thoughts. Though I must say, even I get weighed down from tackling the biggest, serious issues, so I do recommend some measure of fun to balance it out, wherever you choose to find it.

I hope you will add your comments to the thinking and ideas I offer. But let’s keep in mind that it’s a complex world out there, and we all see and understand things differently. I’ll offer what I see and observe, and sometimes what I feel. And I would like to suggest preemptively that we behave like high-performing folks, and use care with our words.

This blogging thing takes more courage than you might imagine.

Look forward to hear from you!

Best regards,