Organ Donation

UNOS Organ Donation Strategic Planning

This project explored the many factors effecting deceased organ donation and usage.

A group of fifty world-class surgical, judicial, governmental, and research stakeholders were convened to identify the complex causes related to the growing demand, chronic shortage, and opportunities to improve system. A system dynamics model was developed to understand the effects of various strategies (see paper referenced below), and a subgroup of ten researchers synthesized and triangulated many data sources and analyses to create estimates for decease donation potential for the future. The Collaborative facilitated the project meetings large and small, provided project management, as well as supporting analysis and report writing. Click below to access a paper about the model conclusions.

Deceased Donor Potential for Organ Transplantation: A System Dynamics Framework
By Gary B. Hirsch, Khalid Saeed, Karl J. McCleary, and Kevin A. Myer
International System Dynamics Society 30th annual conference; St. Gallen Switzerland, July 22-26, 2012

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