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Partnering with Austin Dept of Public Health to develop Prevention Impacts Simulation Model with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Healthy Austin PRISM
A project with the CDC, RTI and the City of Austin was initiated to build a simulation model to understand the primary modifiable risk factors contributing to cardiovascular disease both historically and in the future. A great team in Austin had lots of good data and dedicated staff that helped the modeling and facilitation team to put together a simulation model of the Austin area. The model, named PRISM, Prevention Impacts Simulation, included many preventive health interventions, intermediate risk factors, and disease progression and prevalence. This model was eventually expanded and duplicated to fit national data, then the Mississippi Delta, and eventually six demographically representative populations in the US.

In Austin, the core group became very knowledgable by consulting with the modelers to synthesize the data and the research. Several workshops were held with key stakeholders in Travis County, for two-way communication – to both share what we were learning, and to hear about other relevant data and research. The model was used to support strategic planning, grant writing, as well as professional development.

Several papers were written about this work:

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