• Organizational learning

    • Helping teams learn for twenty years
    • Offering breadth of capacity to move from issues to action
    • Technical modeling, group facilitation, project management

  • Systems thinking

    • Big picture approaches to explore complex systems
    • Engaging groups for cross-functional exploration
    • Systems thinking, system dynamics, modeling for learning, facilitation

  • Effective solutions

    • Insights to produce strategic change for organizations, teams, collaborations.
    • Facilitating breakthroughs in difficultsituations
    • Using tools designed for complexity

Our Projects

The Collaborative has worked with managers in a variety of industries and policy areas, developing internal capacity to lead in complex systems. Here is a sample. See our portfolio for more.

Do you need to solve problems on a different level?

We are happy to discuss system challenges, as well as ideas for partnering. We are committed to bringing systemic learning approaches to the important issues we face in systems at all levels, and invite you to get in touch.

Our Team Members

Partners at the Systems Thinking Collaborative have worked in many industries, government agencies, NGOs and foundations. Collaborative projects simultaneously build systemic learning capacity while identifying key structural insights to improve future performance.

Kris Wile


Dave Packer

Partner Emeritus

Rebecca Niles


Greg Hennessey